How does Riddex Work?

The Riddex pulse is so much better than any spray or service that you could use. Sprays and chemicals are messy and smelly. Fumes permeate the room and make your home a place you would like to escape instead of being the place you would like to escape to. Traps can be messy and gross, requiring that you clean up after the rodents and bugs that you are so trying to avoid. Poisons are dangerous to pets and children. Have you ever had a rodent that was supposed to go outside in search of water die in your wall? It is not a pretty smell.

Riddex works very simply. Plug the Riddex unit into the wall. Leave the Riddex unit plugged into the wall. Those are the only steps for you. It seems too simple, already doesn’t it? There is no need to take time off work to wait on the bug guy to show up and spray or worse, to give them a key to your home. There are no expensive chemicals to buy, no applying them around the house. You don’t have to worry about trying to be careful in those areas where you could accidentally poison yourself, your pets, or your children. Riddex simply needs to be plugged into the wall and an invisible shield is projected around your home, driving bugs and rodents out and keeping them that way.

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