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BoldLeads Reviews Benefits of Using Riddex in Staging Real Estate

BoldLeads RiddexThere is a reason so many real estate agents utilize BoldLeads to ensure they are able to maintain a consistent pipeline of clients looking to buy or sell a home, and that reason is that BoldLeads is simply effective in accomplishing its stated goals. The same is true of Riddex when used in the staging process of real estate, which ensures the property looks its best when viewed by potential buyers and does not have its value adversely affected by the presence of some pest or insect infestation.

The staging process in real estate goes beyond just the implementation of Riddex, and real estate agents have been able to generate exceptional results for their clients via the staging process. This is often attributed to simple visualization, as prospective buyers are better able to see themselves in a home for sale when it is fully furnished and tastefully decorated. There are often staging companies that can be hired for this specific task, with the furniture and artwork available to be rented at a reasonable rate.

The question then becomes whether the staging process adds significant value to the home for sale, and data clearly suggests that it has a substantial impact on both the perceived value of the home and the speed with which the real estate agent is able to find a buyer. Ensuring the home is cleaned and cleared of any pests with Riddex as well as utilizing the services of a real estate staging expert should make a difference in the outcome of a home for sale.

Ironfish Review: On the Importance of Staging and Investigating the Minor Details

real-estate-agents-1116777_960_720In the real estate industry, one of the most important factors influencing the final outcome of a property sale lies in the ability to stage and prepare the home so that minor details increase the perceived value rather than decrease it. In terms of decreasing the perceived value of a home, Ironfish and just about every real estate professional familiar with the mindset of a homebuyer would be likely to agree that there are few things more devastating to the value of an otherwise immaculate home than even the slightest hint of a pest problem existing within the home.

Most who have experienced this issue firsthand understand the value of using a product such as Riddex Pulse even if there is no evidence of a pest problem. In the view of experienced real estate professionals, it is simply best to avoid taking any chances of a pest-related issue suddenly and unnecessarily depressing the perceived value of an investment property. Of course, an Ironfish review indicates that using such a product and allowing any remaining indication that the product had been used recently would have a similarly injurious effect. As a result, anyone preparing an investment property for sale should use a product like Riddex Pulse, but they should also take great care to do so in a manner that ensures its use has been carefully concealed.

For property investors such as the ones Ironfish serves, evaluating an investment property should include some careful consideration regarding the potential presence of pests. Some properties may be so disproportionately devalued that the property still represents an excellent investment opportunity despite a pest problem, assuming, of course, that the problem is rectifiable without requiring any substantial cost.

Will Riddex Hurt Pets?

The Riddex Pulse is the newest and safest way to keep annoying pests like bugs and rodents out of your home. Best of all the Riddex Pulse works by keeping these nuisances out of your home. There are no smelly chemicals to disrupt your life, no disgusting dead bugs or rotting rodents to clean up, and no worry about young kids or pets messing with traps or poison. It is safe and works for a fraction of the cost of insecticides and traps. The Riddex Pulse will begin paying for itself the day you plug it in.

Using the Riddex Pulse is easy. Simply plug it in, and an invisible barrier is built around your home. The device uses the wiring in your home to project an electromagnetic screen that works like a jackhammer on the nervous system of bugs, pests, and rodents. These annoyances can’t stand to be around the disturbance created by the Riddex Pulse. If they exist in your home already, they are driven out. All future pests will avoid your home for as long as the Riddex Pulse is up and running. The best part is that a single Riddex Pulse will protect an entire floor of a typical home. Simply install the unit in a central area where there is room for the electromagnetic waves to spread (Avoid installing behind furniture). In a few days, you will notice the pests have vacated. Additionally, you will find the Riddex Pulse has a built in nightlight for convenience.

Pets are a part of the family and it is not uncommon for people to worry about their pets and children when fighting pests. The Riddex pulse is safe to use with most household pets. The frequencies used to disturb the nervous systems of bugs and rodents are in no way harmful to dogs or cats. Even the most sensitive of these animals should never notice the use of the Riddex Pulse. Best of all, you are actually reducing danger to your pets from chemicals or traps.

The Riddex Pulse provides a convenient and inexpensive way to protect your home and the whole family, including pets. It uses negligible electricity. You shouldn’t notice any difference in your power bill. You will however notice a big difference in your budget over buying expensive chemicals.

Can Riddex kill ants?

When I was a kid, my mom seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to prevent ants from entering our home. I grew up in the south east, and the warm summers and humidity are apparently a huge breeding ground for these creatures. I remember how she would freak when she discovered even one of these lone creatures in her house. It didn’t make sense to me back then, probably because she was so good at keeping them out of the house, but I now understand far too well now why she was so intent at keeping ants out of the home.

Did you know that ants communicate using chemicals? I don’t know that I understand the communication process well enough to explain it, but I know that ants find their way around by following a chemical trail. When my mom found that single ant, she would dismantle the house and clean every square inch and surface in the area where she found the ant. This chemical trail was the reason. Ants leave these chemical trails so that they can determine where they have been. A single ant will wander around lost, searching for the thread of one of these chemical trails. The entire time it is searching, however, it is marking where it has been. If this ant was in your house because there was something yummy, then you are in trouble. He will eventually find his way back to the mound. There, with a couple hundred thousand of his closest friends he will start back on the trail to your house. That is, after all, where the picnic is, right?

I now understand why, in my case not my mom’s, I saw an ant one day, and the next day I had ants everywhere.

There is a happy side to this story. A friend of mine recommended that I try the Riddex Pulse. The Riddex Pulse works by emitting electro-magnetic waves that interfere with the nervous systems of ants. It actually works on ants, roaches, rodents, and many other unmentionables. Now that I have installed the Riddex Pulse in my home, the ants refuse to follow their chemical trail back into my house. This is good for me, because I can’t say I know exactly where they were coming in. I don’t know how my mom did it. Man she was good!

Does Riddex kill spiders?

I’ve always imagined that spiders and I could get along much better if we just had an understanding. First of all, they need to understand that I think they are ugly, and that they scare me. I don’t want to see them, and I especially don’t want to see them in my shower. Perhaps if we talked it would help. I imagine it going something like how it would go if you walked into the bathroom and anyone else was in the shower. I would walk in and be very surprised to find someone else in my shower. Honestly, this is how it goes already. I would excuse myself and ask how long the spider would be. Perhaps she would tell me that she has a few more moments till she finishes what she is working on. Eww, I don’t want to think about that. I am already grossed out. Maybe we just skip the communication and get rid of the spider.

So over lunch I pretty regularly regale my girlfriends with my latest spider encounter antics. The other day one of them managed between snorts to tell me about a new product called Riddex Pulse. Of course, I needed all the appropriate details, so I asked. Will Riddex really work on spiders? What does it smell like? Is it sticky? …because I really don’t like sticky. You can imagine my excitement when she told me that not only is it not sticky, but it isn’t a chemical at all. So there is no smell, no sticky and most importantly no dead spiders to pick out of the drain, EWW! This sounds like an interesting proposition, and I begin to wonder if I will miss my friend Webster.

Yes, I gave him a name. I read somewhere that giving scary creatures a name makes them less scary. I will admit, giving him a name made him funnier to talk about, but really, when I run into Webster each morning, he is not any less scary because I called him by name.

So to get to the point I guess, I ordered a Riddex pulse as soon as I got home that night. I went to bed the night I plugged it in with the giddy anticipation of taking a shower the next morning without my hairy legged, six eyed voyeur staring down at me.

It turns out that the Riddex Pulse really does work. I was a little less sure as I peered through the crack in the curtain before my morning shower. I looked over the shower head, no Webster. In his favorite corner? No Webster. I was excited, and just a little disappointed. We had been together for quite some time. I guess I will get over the disappointment though.

Is Riddex effective?

I have lived in a town house in an apartment complex for almost three years now. I love my place. It is two floors with the bedrooms upstairs in a quaint, shady neighborhood. It backs up to an awesome field where my friends come over and we play ultimate frisbee or throw a ball. It’s a perfect oasis on the edge of downtown where I can see the fireworks from the local baseball team on my back patio, but still outside the city just far enough that I don’t have to deal with that uncomfortableness of things going on right outside your door at all hours. There is only one problem with my haven.

I have pests. While my condo and the location are perfect, there are a lot of things that happen in this perfect location. First of all, I have neighbors that I share a wall with. My neighbors are awesome. They are some of the nicest people I have met, but I can’t imagine what they must do, or not do in their kitchen. I have ants and roaches trying to come through from their side all the time. Now I am the ultimate “towny”. My kitchen is spic and span for one reason. I don’t own a pot or pan. I have never as much as eaten a bowl of cereal in my apartment. I have some glasses, some paper plates, and some rarely used silverware. Other than the occasional take-out container in my garbage can, there is no reason for bugs to be in my town house.

Problem number two is the amazing field that backs up to my town house. There are rodents out there. On a nice day you can see them running around the tall grass at the far side of the field. It makes my skin crawl just to see them. One time I had one, it must have been smaller than what was outside, crawling in the walls. They play when you are sleeping it seems. All I could do was imagine this unclean gross thing living in my walls. I wanted it out.

The complex has a service of course, and they came out to treat every time I complained, but it really never did any good. The last time they were there, the guy from the pest control company asked me if I had ever heard of the Riddex Pulse. I of course hadn’t, but he recommended it to me, and I immediately set to finding out about it online. Two weeks later I plugged one in downstairs and one upstairs. A little light came on, but that was about it. Needless to say I expected a little more than that if it was going to work. There should be a puff of smoke or some sound at least I would think.

After six months, however, I have yet to see a pest from my neighbor’s town house, and I have yet to hear a rodent in the wall. I am so pleased with the purchase of the Riddex Pulse. It was so little money spent, and it took no effort on my part but to plug them in. It seems a little like I am cheating, but I am not. I am out of the pest business though.

The Riddex Pulse Provides Protection, Peace, and Prosperity

If you have ever had a problem with rodents, roaches, or other bugs and pests in your home, then you know how much trouble it can be to get rid of them. There are safety concerns with chemicals, and traps can be a real mess. The Riddex Pulse was invented to take care of these concerns. The Riddex Pulse provides a safe, chemical free, and mess free means to protect your house against the damage of rodents and the insanitary conditions of roaches. With the Riddex Pulse you can expect plenty.

Save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars each year
• There are no smells or fumes produced from the use of the Riddex Pulse.
• There are no dangerous chemicals to worry about.
• There are no replacement or reuse expenses. One Riddex Pulse protects as long as it is in use. It pays for itself because there are no needs for pest control services or chemicals.
• There is no need for multiple products. The Riddex Pulse is designed to protect a single level of most homes.
• There is no need to worry. The Riddex Pulse works beneath floors, above ceilings, and behind walls to create a barrier that will protect your entire home.
• There is no need to be concerned for the safety of your family. The Riddex Pulse works without poisons or traps keeping children and pets safe.

Place an invisible layer of protection around your house for now and the future
• The Riddex Pulse uses a patented pulse technology to disturb the nervous system of pests and rodents and drive them from the structure.
• The Riddex Pulse chases pests and rodents from the house and prevents them from returning.
• The Riddex Pulse is completely safe and is in no way harmful. Pests and rodents will simply avoid your home after placing it into use.