How Much You Should Expect to Spend on a Pest Control Service

The Pest Problem

Pests can be a big nuisance when they invade a home and the surrounding area. The most common pests in American homes are bed bugs, termites, raccoons, mice, rats, flies, ants, spiders, squirrels, cockroaches, and moths. The destructive effects caused by these pests can add to thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance cost. Along with damaging the fabric, furniture, and building structure, household pests can also cause a host of diseases. The cockroaches can easily carry Salmonella while rats and mice can spread the much-feared Hantavirus. Dangerous pests such as scorpions, black widow spiders, and fire ants, on the other hand, can bite or sting kids and pets.

Cost of Pest Control

The cost of pest extermination is determined by key factors such as the type of insects causing the problem, the size of the home, the enormity of the infestation and the frequency of the pest control service. According to Home Cost Helper, homeowners typically spend $50 to $600 to control the pest. The cost of the first treatment for insects such as roaches, crickets, millipedes, and spiders can range between $50 and $300. The service typically constitutes interior and exterior spraying as well as the installation of reusable bait traps.

The cost of eliminating the bed bugs can be very steep. For the initial, visual inspection, the contractor can charge anything from $50 to $200 or more. If a dog trained to detect bed bugs is called in, charges can rise to $300 to a high of $700. The treatment itself can cost about $250 to $1000 a room. On average, the total cost of eliminating bed bugs from a residential home can range from $1000 to $10,000. Pertinent details regarding these services will generally depend on the extermination approach used by the control company.

Pest Control Measures and Treatment Timelines 

The best strategy to eliminate pest at home is to attack the problem from the source. A professional exterminator, well-versed with various pest and treatment techniques can help the homeowner save money, protect property and get peace of mind. According to Home Advisor, pest extermination experts usually offer their services on a contract basis or one-time removal service. The one-time pest extermination services are appropriate when dealing with newly identified cases. This service is usually much more expensive and can cause the homeowner $300 and upwards. The service typically involves:

• Assessment of the infestation
• Locating the entry points of the pest
• Removing the lair

If the problem is persistent, it is best to enter into a contractual arrangement with an exterminator. Periodic visits can be organized on a bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly basis. The frequency of the visit will be determined by the magnitude of the problem at hand. The bi-monthly service is highly recommended if the pest menace is persistent. With this service, the technician will often reapply the pest control products to ensure the protective barrier is always in place for the duration of treatment. The removal of pests such as raccoons and squirrels may require more than one visit.

The service may involve removing food sources, blocking points of entry and trimming the branches of trees. The animal removal service is different from pest control service since the former is closely related to wildlife removal. Homeowners are encouraged to perform regular maintenance to eliminate the pest problem in the long term. It is important to know that climate is one of the biggest enablers of pest invasion. The wood-boring insects, for instance, are always attracted to warm and humid areas while crawling insects like roaches often seek refuge in people’s home to escape wet or dry, cold climates.

Financial Support and Advice 

Because of its value, the home is an important investment that must be protected. Keeping your home in great shape will go a long way to preserve its value and create a conducting living environment. Since the cost of pest control can be prohibitive, there are several financial services companies that offer financial support and advice to homeowners looking for a way out. Tweed Financial is a privately held financial services company that offers financial planning services as a strategy to help client protects their valued investments.

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