The Riddex Pulse Provides Protection, Peace, and Prosperity

If you have ever had a problem with rodents, roaches, or other bugs and pests in your home, then you know how much trouble it can be to get rid of them. There are safety concerns with chemicals, and traps can be a real mess. The Riddex Pulse was invented to take care of these concerns. The Riddex Pulse provides a safe, chemical free, and mess free means to protect your house against the damage of rodents and the insanitary conditions of roaches. With the Riddex Pulse you can expect plenty.

Save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars each year
• There are no smells or fumes produced from the use of the Riddex Pulse.
• There are no dangerous chemicals to worry about.
• There are no replacement or reuse expenses. One Riddex Pulse protects as long as it is in use. It pays for itself because there are no needs for pest control services or chemicals.
• There is no need for multiple products. The Riddex Pulse is designed to protect a single level of most homes.
• There is no need to worry. The Riddex Pulse works beneath floors, above ceilings, and behind walls to create a barrier that will protect your entire home.
• There is no need to be concerned for the safety of your family. The Riddex Pulse works without poisons or traps keeping children and pets safe.

Place an invisible layer of protection around your house for now and the future
• The Riddex Pulse uses a patented pulse technology to disturb the nervous system of pests and rodents and drive them from the structure.
• The Riddex Pulse chases pests and rodents from the house and prevents them from returning.
• The Riddex Pulse is completely safe and is in no way harmful. Pests and rodents will simply avoid your home after placing it into use.

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