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Does Riddex kill spiders?

I’ve always imagined that spiders and I could get along much better if we just had an understanding. First of all, they need to understand that I think they are ugly, and that they scare me. I don’t want to see them, and I especially don’t want to see them in my shower. Perhaps if we talked it would help. I imagine it going something like how it would go if you walked into the bathroom and anyone else was in the shower. I would walk in and be very surprised to find someone else in my shower. Honestly, this is how it goes already. I would excuse myself and ask how long the spider would be. Perhaps she would tell me that she has a few more moments till she finishes what she is working on. Eww, I don’t want to think about that. I am already grossed out. Maybe we just skip the communication and get rid of the spider.

So over lunch I pretty regularly regale my girlfriends with my latest spider encounter antics. The other day one of them managed between snorts to tell me about a new product called Riddex Pulse. Of course, I needed all the appropriate details, so I asked. Will Riddex really work on spiders? What does it smell like? Is it sticky? …because I really don’t like sticky. You can imagine my excitement when she told me that not only is it not sticky, but it isn’t a chemical at all. So there is no smell, no sticky and most importantly no dead spiders to pick out of the drain, EWW! This sounds like an interesting proposition, and I begin to wonder if I will miss my friend Webster.

Yes, I gave him a name. I read somewhere that giving scary creatures a name makes them less scary. I will admit, giving him a name made him funnier to talk about, but really, when I run into Webster each morning, he is not any less scary because I called him by name.

So to get to the point I guess, I ordered a Riddex pulse as soon as I got home that night. I went to bed the night I plugged it in with the giddy anticipation of taking a shower the next morning without my hairy legged, six eyed voyeur staring down at me.

It turns out that the Riddex Pulse really does work. I was a little less sure as I peered through the crack in the curtain before my morning shower. I looked over the shower head, no Webster. In his favorite corner? No Webster. I was excited, and just a little disappointed. We had been together for quite some time. I guess I will get over the disappointment though.