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Will Riddex Hurt Pets?

The Riddex Pulse is the newest and safest way to keep annoying pests like bugs and rodents out of your home. Best of all the Riddex Pulse works by keeping these nuisances out of your home. There are no smelly chemicals to disrupt your life, no disgusting dead bugs or rotting rodents to clean up, and no worry about young kids or pets messing with traps or poison. It is safe and works for a fraction of the cost of insecticides and traps. The Riddex Pulse will begin paying for itself the day you plug it in.

Using the Riddex Pulse is easy. Simply plug it in, and an invisible barrier is built around your home. The device uses the wiring in your home to project an electromagnetic screen that works like a jackhammer on the nervous system of bugs, pests, and rodents. These annoyances can’t stand to be around the disturbance created by the Riddex Pulse. If they exist in your home already, they are driven out. All future pests will avoid your home for as long as the Riddex Pulse is up and running. The best part is that a single Riddex Pulse will protect an entire floor of a typical home. Simply install the unit in a central area where there is room for the electromagnetic waves to spread (Avoid installing behind furniture). In a few days, you will notice the pests have vacated. Additionally, you will find the Riddex Pulse has a built in nightlight for convenience.

Pets are a part of the family and it is not uncommon for people to worry about their pets and children when fighting pests. The Riddex pulse is safe to use with most household pets. The frequencies used to disturb the nervous systems of bugs and rodents are in no way harmful to dogs or cats. Even the most sensitive of these animals should never notice the use of the Riddex Pulse. Best of all, you are actually reducing danger to your pets from chemicals or traps.

The Riddex Pulse provides a convenient and inexpensive way to protect your home and the whole family, including pets. It uses negligible electricity. You shouldn’t notice any difference in your power bill. You will however notice a big difference in your budget over buying expensive chemicals.