Is Riddex effective?

I have lived in a town house in an apartment complex for almost three years now. I love my place. It is two floors with the bedrooms upstairs in a quaint, shady neighborhood. It backs up to an awesome field where my friends come over and we play ultimate frisbee or throw a ball. It’s a perfect oasis on the edge of downtown where I can see the fireworks from the local baseball team on my back patio, but still outside the city just far enough that I don’t have to deal with that uncomfortableness of things going on right outside your door at all hours. There is only one problem with my haven.

I have pests. While my condo and the location are perfect, there are a lot of things that happen in this perfect location. First of all, I have neighbors that I share a wall with. My neighbors are awesome. They are some of the nicest people I have met, but I can’t imagine what they must do, or not do in their kitchen. I have ants and roaches trying to come through from their side all the time. Now I am the ultimate “towny”. My kitchen is spic and span for one reason. I don’t own a pot or pan. I have never as much as eaten a bowl of cereal in my apartment. I have some glasses, some paper plates, and some rarely used silverware. Other than the occasional take-out container in my garbage can, there is no reason for bugs to be in my town house.

Problem number two is the amazing field that backs up to my town house. There are rodents out there. On a nice day you can see them running around the tall grass at the far side of the field. It makes my skin crawl just to see them. One time I had one, it must have been smaller than what was outside, crawling in the walls. They play when you are sleeping it seems. All I could do was imagine this unclean gross thing living in my walls. I wanted it out.

The complex has a service of course, and they came out to treat every time I complained, but it really never did any good. The last time they were there, the guy from the pest control company asked me if I had ever heard of the Riddex Pulse. I of course hadn’t, but he recommended it to me, and I immediately set to finding out about it online. Two weeks later I plugged one in downstairs and one upstairs. A little light came on, but that was about it. Needless to say I expected a little more than that if it was going to work. There should be a puff of smoke or some sound at least I would think.

After six months, however, I have yet to see a pest from my neighbor’s town house, and I have yet to hear a rodent in the wall. I am so pleased with the purchase of the Riddex Pulse. It was so little money spent, and it took no effort on my part but to plug them in. It seems a little like I am cheating, but I am not. I am out of the pest business though.

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