How to Install Riddex

Riddex works using the wiring in your walls. Simply put, Riddex projects an electro-magnetic field around the home, below the floors, and above the ceilings. This field interrupts the nervous system on pests and rodents including ants, roaches, pill bugs, mice, rats, and more. The affect is that Riddex drives these pests and rodents from the home and keeps them from returning. One Riddex unit will typically cover a single level of a home. For best coverage, the unit should be placed in an open area where the disturbing signal can spread out. For appropriate coverage, a Riddex unit should be placed on each level of a home. Riddex is completely safe for most pets, all children, and will not interfere with any electronics in the home. Riddex should not be used if there are pet rodents in the home as its signal will disrupt the nervous systems of these pets. This includes hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice.

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