How Relevant Are Online Real Estate Agent Reviews?

Today, before you hire anyone or buy anything you are more likely to head to the internet to check reviews. There are hundreds of review sites that give you information about different products and experts that you could use to base your decisions, but how reliable is the information provided through these reviews? This is a question you need to ask before you take any reviews for facts, especially if all you are seeing is five stars ratings and impressive testimonials.

Why are reviews effective?

Reviews in the real estate industry offer you a basis on which you can make a decision whether to work with a certain agent or company. The information contained in most reviews shows the dependability and efficiency of a professional or group, and through this information, you can make a decision whether to invest in a project with a specific company or not.

If honest, real estate reviews also expose the rot that might be hidden in the flowery language shared in marketing scripts, so you are able to get honest answers that will expose the true picture of the company or individual.

But does this mean all reviews are honest? Not really. There are few cases where companies pay people to submit good reviews about them, and this is especially when the company is trying to bury bad press. You might need to consult different platforms and if possible approach several people who have worked with the company before to get firsthand information that is not biased.

Basically, you will find many fake reviews online and unless you take your time to sift through data, you might end up falling for the lies propagated by agents who are paid to write good reviews for companies that are otherwise not so dependable. If you might need professional assistance to reveal the truth about a real estate broker, you could work with Ligori Law. Ligori Law is in Tampa and is made up of highly experienced attorneys who understand a lot about the real estate industry.

How to verify real estate agent reviews

  • Don’t confine your focus on ratings

Making snap judgments from the number of stars awarded to an agent could be misleading. What one person thinks is worth three stars another might award five stars despite achieving the same level of satisfaction. What you will need to look at is the comment left by the reviewer about the service.

  • Date matters

Time is a factor that you must also put into consideration when evaluating reviews, particularly if you want to know about the current status of the agent. Check dates and pick reviews that were posted within past few weeks.

  • Quality over quantity

Don’t just dwell on the number of reviews left, also pay attention to the finer details about the real estate agent so you can make a better decision. Get as much information as possible so you can come up with a concrete decision that will not mislead you.

  • Conduct a physical evaluation

Once you are through going about reading online reviews, you should then conduct a physical review to establish whether this is the right person to work with. Schedule a meeting and have questions to ask the agent so you can compare with the information provided online about the person.

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