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Will Riddex Pulse Impact The Environment?

The Riddex Pulse is a state of the art, scientific breakthrough in household pest control. It stops pests and rodents from entering your home and drives the ones in your home away. Best of all it does this in a way that protects the environment from harmful chemicals, insecticides, and traps while it protects the ecosystem around your home. Sure, you don’t want to deal with bugs and rodents but, chances are, you don’t want to have to deal with dead bugs and rodent either. Working with the ecologically smart Riddex Pulse means that your family won’t have to deal with any unpleasant clean ups.

No chemicals or smells.
Chemicals can hurt the environment and make our indoor living space uncomfortable. Smelly chemicals can upset allergies, leave sticky residue, and can be dangerous to small children and pets. Traps are dangerous and can hurt people who don’t know they’re there. Why risk these hazards in your home when a Riddex Pulse with Digital Pulse Technology can provide a cleaner, healthier living space to call home.

Not only can the Riddex Pulse provide a cleaner healthier space, it can do it for cheaper than any alternative pest control option. One Riddex Pulse can operate safely for years. How many times would you have to re-spray those dangerous chemicals in that time? How many traps would you throw away then repurchase to keep from touching the potential diseases they picked up? Not only will the Riddex Pulse preserve your environment, it will preserve your budget.

Saving the environment both inside and out
The Riddex Pulse uses a patented Digital Pulse Technology to be sure that your inside environment is the best it can be. This technology is safe around most pets, but best of all; it keeps those dangerous nasty chemicals out of your home. Additionally, the Riddex Pulse works by driving pests from your home. There are no nasty droppings, no gross traps, and no dead bugs. The Riddex Pulse drives them from your home then uses the same technology to build an invisible barrier around your home. Pests simply won’t come in.

Leave the bugs to the frogs and their natural outdoor predators. Leave the rodents to the neighbor cat, or drive them back to the woods where they belong. The Riddex Pulse will protect your living space and their living space both. It is inexpensive, safe for you, and safe for the environment.